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News: 2010

2010 CloudSat News

3 DECEMBER 2010 | CloudSat Validation

Light Precipitation Validation Experiment

CSU Scientists Lead Team Studying Precipitation in Higher-Latitude Clouds

11 NOVEMBER 2010 | CloudSat Education Network

CEN Fall 2010 Newsletter

The Fall 2010 CloudSat Education Network newsletter!

13 OCTOBER 2010 | CloudSat TC Overpass

Atlantic Hurricane Paula

CS eye overpass of Hurricane Paula on October 13, 2010.

28 SEPTEMBER 2010 | CloudSat In the News

Studying Storms: NASA Looks for Hurricane's Secrets

GRIP Scientists try to understand why some hurricanes weaken while others rapidly intensify.

23 SEPTEMBER 2010 | CloudSat TC Overpass

Typhoon Malakas

CloudSat overpassed Typhoon Malakus on September 23, 2010.

17 SEPTEMBER 2010 | CloudSat TC Overpass

Atlantic Hurricane's Igor, Julia and Karl

CS overpasses of Tropical Storm Karl and Hurricanes Julia (eye overpass!) and Karl.

17 SEPTEMBER 2010 | CloudSat In the News

GRIP, CloudSat and Hurricane Karl Observations

Three of NASA's science aircraft completed successful coordinated flights over Hurricane Karl on Thursday, Sept. 16, in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

10 SEPTEMBER 2010 | CloudSat CEN Network

New York Teachers Learn Implementation Techniques at GLOBE Training

CEN scientist Dr. Todd Ellis led a GLOBE Training Workship on Environmental Teaching Strategies.

2 SEPTEMBER 2010 | CloudSat Overpass

Tropical Storm Hermine

JPL produces animation depicting CloudSat overpass of Tropical Storm Hermine

2 SEPTEMBER 2010 | CloudSat Overpass

Hurricane Earl

JPL produces animation detailing internal structure of Hurricane Earl using CloudSat data

18 AUGUST 2010 | CloudSat Overpass

Pakistan Flooding

CloudSat intersects thunderstorms over areas in Pakistan responsible for the devastating flash floods.

9 AUGUST 2010 | CloudSat In the News

Send in the Clouds

CloudSat's view of the clouds during the past four years.

28 JULY 2010 | CloudSat Education Network

GLOBE CloudSat Mission Involves Students in Climate Research

Collaboration between GLOBE and CEN provides student research opportunities.

21 JULY 2010 | CloudSat Presentation

CloudSat expands into the 3-D Universe

Dr. Matt Rogers talks about the CloudSat mission to teenagers using Second Life, a virtual online world.

19 JULY 2010 | CloudSat in the News

Hurricane drone joins NASA fleet

CloudSat data will help corraborate NASA's new hurricane hunting drone.

16 JULY 2010 | CloudSat Summer Intern

JPL summer intern joins CloudSat team

JPL intern, Patricia Song, writes about her experiences as intern at JPL for the CloudSat project.

8 JULY 2010 | CloudSat in the News

NASA's Hurricane Research Project

CloudSat will play a key role in supplying data for the Summer 2010 GRIP hurricane research project.

2 JULY 2010 | CloudSat Overpass

Heavy Rains in China

Heavy rains in southern China during June have killed hundreds and left thousands homeless.

30 JUNE 2010 | CloudSat Graphical Tools

CloudSat plotting tool

Check out ccplot, a CloudSat and CALIPSO python plotting tool.

The river Artuby floods the streets in Draguignan, southern France, Tuesday, June 16, 2010 16 JUNE 2010 | CloudSat Overpass

Flooding in France

One of the worst floods in 180 years swept across southern France killing at least 25 people

1 FEBRUARY 2010 | CloudSat CEN Newsletter

CEN Winter Newsletter

The latest release of the CloudSat Education network newsletter is available.

29 May 2010

Northern Plain's Thunderstorm

An early morning thunderstorm (0915 UTC) moved across portions of Montana, North Dakota and Canada bringing heavy rain and small hail to the areas. CloudSat overpassed the western section of the storm providing a unique vertical view of the storm. The cirrus canopy extends well beyond the core of the storm from the overshooting clouds tops hitting the tropopause and spreading out. Heavy rain is contained in the red and orange reflectivity's with some of the heavier precipitation attenuating in the lower 5 km of the storm. A cold trough moved through the area, moist air ahead of the system helped fuel the thunderstorms.

02 May 2010

Tennessee Flooding

Portions of Tennessee experienced some of the worst flooding on record with more than 16" (40 cm) of rain over the area during May 1-2, 2010. Deep tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean fed the intense storms ahead of a slow moving cold front. CloudSat overpassed the area twice on May 2 (0800 & 1900 UTC). CloudSat slices through the tall cumulonimbus clouds revealing the structure of the storm.

30 March 2010

NE Storm

CloudSat intersected a storm system moving across New England on March 30, 2010. This storm brought large amounts of rain (3-8 inches) and snow at higher elevations to an already saturated area. Thousands of residents lost power and were evacuated as streams and rivers in the area started to overflow. Record amounts of rains up to nearly a foot for the month of March were recorded in New York and Connecticut. The CloudSat overpass slices through the western part of the storm revealing the large swath of bright reflectivity indicating large amounts of water falling as rain. The comma shaped system is indicative of a mature midlatitude storm system.

10 March 2010

Peru Thunderstorm

CloudSat overpassed a single cell thunderstorm on March 10, 2010 NE of the Andes Mountains. Moist air from the east is being pushed up against the mountains, fueling thunderstorm development as viewed from the MODIS satellite image. CloudSat captures the vertical development of the storm, precipitation is most likely falling at the base and the top of the storm (anvil) is moving outward away the storm center. Thunderstorms such as these are frequent in this area during the southern hemisphere summer.

16 February 2010

TC Rene

Tropical cyclone Rene, located to the east of Australia and at one stage a powerful category 4 storm, weakens as the circulation moves SW across an area of unfavorable TC formation (lower SST's) in the South Pacific on Feb. 16, 2010. CloudSat intersected through the center of the storm revealing the low clouds associated with the weak surface low. Nearly all of the deep convection and heavy precipitation has been reduced to stratus/cumulus deck (darker grey clouds on the IR image and an absence of cold cloud tops in the AMSR-E image) with cloud top heights below 5km.

14 January 2010

Cloud Fly Over Video

Check out a new video put together by Dan Woods (JPL) of a cloud fly over using a fog machine!