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this image shows light clouds on the dark blue background banner: CloudSat, image of the satellite
this image shows clouds in the background
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this image shows clouds in the background
this image shows clouds in the background
10 November 2014 | CloudSat Overpass

Bering Sea Storm

CloudSat overpassed the extratropical reminants of Nuri in the Bering Sea.

10 November 2014 | CloudSat Overpass

Rare Medicane Storm

CloudSat overpassed a Mediterranean tropical cyclone (medicane) on November 7, 2014.

19 SEPTEMBER 2014 | CloudSat Recognition

NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal

Marda Barthuli is recognized for her contribution to NASA's CloudSat mission.

4 SEPTEMBER 2014 | CloudSat Publication

Convection and Aerosols

Observations of aerosol-induced convection invigoration in the tropical east Atlantic.

28 AUGUST 2014 | CloudSat Publication

CloudSat, Convection, Anvils

A CloudSat Cloud-Object Partitioning Technique and Assessment and Integration of Deep Convective Anvil Sensitivities to Sea Surface Temperature.

8 AUGUST 2014 | CloudSat Overpass

Hurricane Iselle approaching Hawaii

CloudSat overpassed Hurricane Iselle on August 4, 2014 as the storm approached Hawaii.

5 AUGUST 2014 | CloudSat Journal Article

Study of Aerosols Stands to Improve Climate Models

A new, comprehensive study using A-Train satellite observatives quantifies changes in aerosol levels.

25 MAY 2014 | CloudSat Overpass

Hurricane Amanda

CloudSat overpasses the first hurricane of the Eastern Pacific season.

21 MAY 2014 | CloudSat News Article

Unclouding Our View of Future Climate

Modeling how the atmospheric general circulation changes with increasing greenhouse gases.

15 MAY 2014 | CloudSat Overpass

Midwest Severe Weather

CloudSat overpasses severe weather in the midwest on May 11, 2014.

28 APRIL 2014 | CloudSat News Article

CloudSat celebrates 8 years since launch

CloudSat celebrated it's eighth anniversay on April 28, 2014.

7 MARCH 2014 | CloudSat News Article

Cloudy Forecast

The biggest source of climate uncertainty is white and fluffy.

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CloudSat is an experimental satellite that uses radar to observe clouds and precipitation from space. CloudSat orbits in formation as part of the A-Train constellation of satellites (Aqua, CloudSat, CALIPSO, PARASOL, and Aura).

Orbital elements (two-line elements or TLEs) for CloudSat are available here (CloudSat DPC). CloudSat ground tracks may be predicted using tools located on this NASA LaRC page. Orbital elements at the LaRC page are updated regularly, but use the DPC link for the very latest TLEs.

For an overview document (PDF) of science and research themes, click here. The BAMS 2002 article (PDF) describing the CloudSat mission is available here.


Update 29 APRIL 2014

The CPR and spacecraft are operating nominally during the sunlit portion of the orbit.
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2014 CloudSat/Calipso Science Team Meeting

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