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Welcome to the Canadian CloudSat webpage!

This is your portal page to the CloudSat Canada page - here you will find links to the GLOBE Data Entry page, our satellite overpass predictor for your school, as well as forms and updates that you'll find useful as you and your students help participate in the CloudSat mission.

Take a look at the new "School Location Tools" section, containing files describing how to find your school's location in a QuickLook image. The files were submitted by CEN teacher Richard Roettger - thanks for your hard work, Richard!

Data Entry Tools

The following links are tools for entering your cloud data, or finding when CloudSat will be overhead.

GLOBE Data Entry Page - click to enter your GLOBE observations on the GLOBE site (opens in new window)

CloudSat Overpass Predictor click to find dates and times when CloudSat will be over your school

School Location Tools

Directions on how to find your location on a Segment from a QuickLook Image (Word .doc file) NEW!!

Directions on how to find your location using Geometer Sketchpad (Word .doc file) NEW!!

Report on finding your school using a QuickLook image written by students and their teacher NEW!!

Useful Documentation

These links lead to forms and instruction sheets that you'll reference as you perform your research.

Contact the CloudSat Outreach team:
Last Update: 30 October 2007